Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Out of the Zone

Today I went bowling. You should know that I did not choose bowling, would not choose bowling, and I have serious reservations about people who bowl.

Bowling is just wrong for so many reasons in my world...

The EWW Factor. I know they spray those shoes with industrial strength anti-bac (or maybe it's just Lysol - you don't know) I can't even use a public microwave and this sport wants you to put a stranger on your feet. My skin literally crawled for 2 hours as I felt the fungal infection permeate my socks and attach itself to my very non-athletic feet. Even after arriving home, immediately removing my socks and cleaning my feet the feeling of violation still lingers. If you have never experienced this just look around you next time you are at the lanes...guy with sweat spraying from his forehead with every lob was wearing your shoes last Tuesday night. - you're welcome.

As if the shoes where not enough, at some point around mid hurl of ball 3 (I say hurl - because that's how I bowl) I realized that not only were my feet submerged in footwear as well used as a subway restroom, my fingers were repeatedly being stuffed into the communal holes of a 10 pin bowling ball. I worked my head around it, avoiding the thought of the microbial contamination assaulting my fingers. Then snacks arrived and every one began commenting about how well the ball would slide off your hand with the finger holes lubed up with pizza grease. Eww, Ewwww, ewww,eww, EWW!

The Reliving - No event like a corporate bonding bowling afternoon will go unmentioned. Tomorrow I'll be reliving the cringe, skin crawling nightmare all over again.

Gratitude today that a few hours in someone else's shoes have reminded me to keep working at my own game. Oh, a gratitude too that my kids never ask to go bowling.

Gratitude, hope and smiles are meant to be shared,


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