Thursday, January 27, 2011

Eat Your Gratitude!

Today my gratitude revolves around food. Secretly it generally revolves around food all the time. I love food, cooking, eating, experimenting. I play the food network the way my grandfather used to play the radio; always on providing a comfortable background for life. I hug my coffee mug every morning and whisper a quiet thanks as the contents pass my lips on route to wake up my brain. I am routinely grateful for casual dinners with friends where we bring together the best our fridges have to offer on a moments notice.

When cake decorating is a hobby
 My kids will tell you that creating cakes drives me crazy and it probably does, almost always I curse at least twice. However, I'm always grateful for the opportunity to exercise my creativity.

So I'm grateful every single day for food or something culinarily related. Today is especially significant in the food gratitude department. For 2 reasons

Lula's first dinner!

Reason #1 ....Lula made dinner tonight! It was her first real attempt, start to finish with cookbook and no supervision. She offered up individual meatloaves, french fries and corn. It was fabulous! I'm so grateful for her help and I can't wait for her next dinner!

Could there be a better thing to celebrate?
 Reason #2 ....Today just happens to be International Chocolate Cake Day! Thank you to my friend Susan for making is public knowledge, what a tragic oversight missing this would be.

If gratitude is a secret wish for future favours I'm all over it. I don't think that Spaghetti dinner by Lula or International Cheesecake Day would be to difficult to accept.