Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mental Goodness

I get up very early Saturday mornings. I quietly 'borrow' one of the girl's laptops and head downstairs.

In the dark I brew a pot of coffee and warm up the computer. This is my time. Granted I have to get up before the birds and navigate with ninja like stealth and quite to make it happen but it's my time.

I never need an alarm. My mental health wakes me up. The more taxed my mental health the earlier is wakes me up. Some days I'm up at 4 am.

With my coffee in hand I curl into my favourite spot on the couch. There, I surf and check e-mail, I read blogs and spend some time in The Space Between Raindrops. I tap and I listen, ever alert to stirring from upstairs.

If they knew how critical these hours are to their well being they would stay up there after they wake up and give me until lunch time. I'm always grateful for Saturday mornings.