Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hippies Believe in S-E-X

This is why I love American Idol.

On a day like today, when co-workers have been childish and children have been difficult. On a day when a man tells you his wife has cancer. On a day like today when patience are low and emotions are high its comforting to know that lunacy still exists. Call me cruel but I love to laugh and there is no shortage of material on this show. I realise that most of it is manufactured in a pitch for ratings but I don't care. A guy in period costume explaining the belief system of a hippie as S-E-X, followed by a brutal singer certain she's declined a ticket because of her dress size...that's comedy. Well not really but it's funny enough to make me forget my troubles for 60 minutes. I'm grateful for that.

My position on the Simon issue...I miss him.