Monday, January 3, 2011

Nothing But Time

Today I am grateful for time. It's the one commodity there never seems to be enough of.

Every day has 24 hours. I use them all. Not always in the most efficient manner possible but I use them.

It's a rare occasion that finds me with carefree hours. That time to sit and devote some time to nothing, To just hanging out.

Today I found some!!!! I worked this morning at the restaurant. The offices are closed today to recognize the New Year holiday so there is no work there.  The kids are back in school and Michael returned to work today. Mathematically I have 4 hours of "me time" available to use as I see fit this afternoon.

Faced with the prospect of nothing but time (even 4 hours of it) can be overwhelming. I have months of delayed personal projects, overdue pampering and housework to catch up on. What to choose? what to choose?

I must have taken too long to make up my mind and life decided to do it for me.  Apparently the penalty for basking in the prospect of some free time is a kid with the stomach flu.

So now I'm watching cartoons and fetching ginger ale and ibuprofen and squeezing in some blog work between mad dashes to the washroom to assist my young hurler. Really I'm getting nothing done, nothing finished, nothing started. But my little man has his mom and we are enjoying nothing but time.