Saturday, January 22, 2011

You Wait 364 Days

A big day in our house today. We've been counting down the sleeps. Today is E-man's Birthday!

Having a birthday gives a kid a thousand reasons to be grateful. He's joined me this morning and turned "Me" time into "We" time. It's really nice right now... later when he's completely exhausted from being up this early, maybe not so much. Anyway, he's helping me write and wants to make sure I get all of his gratefuls for today.

  • Grateful my friends could all come for my party.
  • Grateful for birthday presents.
  • Grateful for grab bags.
  • Grateful for Birthday cake.
  • Grateful for a sleepover tonight.
  • Grateful for a hockey game last night.
  • Grateful for balloons.
  • Grateful KJ is going to collect Rangers Autographs for me.
  • Grateful Dad got the rink all ready for my party.

Clearly, turning 9 gives you a lot to be grateful for! Being the parent brings to mind your own set a gratefuls for the day.

  • Grateful birthday parties only last a few hours.
  • Grateful for party stores that offer a selection so awesome and so endless that you really don't need to make any other plans for the day apart from packing a lunch to enjoy in aisle 28.
  • Grateful that kids have attention spans short enough to be impressed with low quality plastic do-nothings and powdered sugar in their loot-bags.
  • Grateful that if you are a cake decorator your kids would rather get a cake from Dairy Queen like everyone else.
  • Grateful that balloons come in 1LB packages...this way you never run out.
  • Grateful that in the minds of 9 year olds, french fries are a perfectly acceptable vegetable.
  • Grateful that Birthday boys want to help get everything just right and are willing to get up at 5:30 am just to make sure it all comes together.
  • Grateful for the happy coincidence that the time dosing time on a bottle of advil mirrors the average length of a birthday party.
Other gratefuls come to mind too. Gratitude for the precious gift of a child, for the unconditional love and joy they bring into your life. There is gratitude for the perspective they shine on lifes difficulties. Gratitude for the laughter and the hugs and the kisses. Gratitude for the better person they require you to be.

Today E-man celebrates the party and adventure, the cake, the presents, the friends and the festivities of turning 9. While he does I'll be celebrating the gift he is to me.