Sunday, January 16, 2011

Putting it all into a Bowl of Chili

It's been a week filled with gratitude! There has been barely time to pick up the laptop let alone get it all down. I've been recording the daily "gratefuls" heard around the table but that itself has been a squeeze.

Some of the most memorable mentions this week...

KJ is officially done with her head gear. It took 14 months but the orthodontist conceded that the treatment is going nowhere with the exception of a daily parental trip to the crazy zone. E-man gets a clean bill of health from the pediatrician with the manageable exception of a diagnosis of "classical migraines."  What a fabulous Dr. by the way. Lula makes plans for Friday that stick. She decides to attend the semi-formal. She is choosing her happiness.Michael goes skating with E-man's class. Hockey fundamentals got underway again on Sunday. KJ's modelling resumed after the holiday break. Lula gets 2 Fridays off in a row. It snowed...alot. Friday was a school holiday (yes they just had 14 days off for Christmas) Highschool information night for KJ. KJ catches a hockey game with her BFF and some boys perhaps???

Gratitude generally matches the pace of life. The tiny snapshot above would suggest that it's been a busy week. It was, I'm not even totally convinced that Wednesday actually ended. My "life facilitator" hat often leaves me with a heart full of pent up gratitude. There gets to be a lot to recognize and no one around to receive my appreciation. Thank goodness for the weekend, a cookbook and my kitchen. In one afternoon I can pour all that gratitude and appreciation out into a roasting pan, a pie plate or a serving platter.

Saturday I poured a week's worth of gratitude into a pot of chili. The recipe came from the new Jamie Oliver cookbook "Food Revolution." The book was a Christmas gift from Lula, the end results were delightful, the time spent preparing it was absolutely medicinal. The chopping, the aromas, the sizzling sauteing of ingredients. I got lost in my kitchen. I set the chili to simmer and started in on homemade potato chips to accompany the steaming bowls. KJ joined me to whip up some hummus. E-man and Michael tended the ice rink and enjoyed some wii games. Lula finished her shift at the grocery store in time to enjoy dinner with us. We caught up around the table. Recharged our familial batteries in preparation for another busy week. Hopefully I managed to convey a heart filled with gratitude. Gratitude for exceptional kids, a true life partner and best friend in Michael, a comfortable home and a rich life. Gratitude for humour, sacrifice and health. 

Of course, if anyone feels something was overlooked, they can polish off the leftovers in the fridge.
Good Old Chili Con Carne from Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution cookbook