Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Did IT!!!

Small victories are good for the soul. Especially if you are trying to achieve one or two very large goals. It can be a very long span between launching a goal to pay down your credit cards and the day you do it. The distance between 'I want the corner office' and building maintenance hanging your placard can be years. The work involved in 'I want to put my kids through university' is a lot more challenging than all the diapers, late nights and grey hairs you will encounter along the way.

Those big goals are vital, they give you something to aim for, they give you purpose on those days when you are unsure of your place in the world. It is powerful to believe you have such control over your destiny and such ability to change the world around you. Just as important as endeavouring to reach a goal however, is the thrill of victory. The ego boost that comes with success will set your energy level on fire! The very act of achieving puts wind in your sails and sets you up to accomplish more. This is the reason I make my bed every morning...I need victory!

If the goal is something like writing a book, the victory dance can be a great many days in the future, no matter how many words you get down everyday. A person can only write so fast no matter how fast their brain rattles off material. The hurdles of editing, publishing, distribution and marketing lie in wait just beyond getting the words strung together, new goals to achieve. It could take a while and that is okay, great dreams are attained through time, opportunity and perseverance.

Having said that, I can't go that many days without accomplishment, without the thrill of achieving a goal. I need the fuel. So I set small very attainable goals to conquer along the way. Last week I learned to poach an egg! It took research, practice and took me 4 days, but I did it!

Look out world!

Gratitude today for small victories.

Gratitude Hope and Smiles are Meant to be shared,