Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Taking on Faceless Burgers, Shawn Warden and Dreams

Somebody is aways challenging me, most of the time it is Mike or the kids, they challenge me to make creative suppers and get Saturday's BBQ off of their favourite white t-shirt. They challenge my memory, my knowledge of nothing and yes even my patience on occasion. I challenge myself a lot too but it is very unusual to be handed a challenge by someone outside of the DNA network. My friend Shawn Warden stepped into the ring yesterday to challenge me. My challenge... to incorporate Shawn Warden and faceless burgers into a random blog post....piece of cake (I hope!)

...and GO!

Most everything that crosses my path ends up re-used, recycled, handed down or trashed. I am not one to 'hold on' to things, I don't see the point. All those things just take up space where new things can go. I like new things. Having said this you should know there is a baggy filled with bread clips in my junk drawer and I have one area of extreme horderness...magazines! They are everywhere in our home, the bathroom, bedroom, livingroom, kitchen, laundry room, closets, cupboards, baskets, boxes, bins and drawers. I have so many even the dog is disgusted and eats them whenever he gets an opportunity. Most of them I have not read, some of them are still in the plastic sleeve (move over first edition comic book collectors) A few have earned their way onto the bookshelf because they are so used and loved. New ones come every month and I add them to the pile. I know, I have a problem.

*gulp* the tip of the iceburg

Fortunately I have friends with solutions!

Enter my good friend Patti, preparing for a team building/personal development workshop at her home this week. "I need some magazines" she said. "I have those!" I said (thank you universe for addressing my shame). With a tear in my eye I packed up my magazines and followed half the stash over to Patti's house. The magazines and some really great people were in for a new outlook on life. Twenty of us hacked those glossy pages apart in a exercise of building Dream Panels. We covered brightly coloured bristol board with images and words of all the things we would have if we could have anything. Which by the way, you can. It really is as easy as knowing what you want and letting the world be aware of your desires.

We don't have a problem going to a restaurant and telling the waiter exactly what we want and expecting that exact thing to end up in front of us. We don't have a problem telling the master of the BBQ that we prefer faceless burgers. The waiter wants you to be happy he brings what you want, the grill master wants you to be happy and reserves you a spot on the grill for your vegetarian option. All you had to do was ask.

I loved watching everyone putting their desires out there for the world to see. We have done this at home with our family a few times over the years, it's always exciting. Some people don't even know what they want before they get started, some people know what they want but don't know how to articulate it. We spend after all, a great deal of our lives believing that we should not ask for things, that we might not deserve everything we desire...nothing could be further from the truth. With great things you can do great things!

The truth is this; 'We are all deserving of fulfilling our desires, we all have the power to make dreams come true.' This is also true; 'the dream you have the power to make come true will not be your own, most people spend  their lives being the catalyst that fulfills another's dream, whether you know you have or not.'

My friend Shawn Warden can tell you that our lives invade the lives of others. It can't be helped, somebody's faceless burger is going to drip on your face-burger. The results could be a great combination!

Gratitude today for the help to purge my habit, the opportunity to see other people's dreams out in the open, and the excitement of seeing who's dream I might play a part in. Even if that dream is just to see your name mentioned alongside the phrase 'faceless burgers'

(which by the way wasn't really a challenge; I once used Mike, Mickey Rourke and Nano in the same sentance...THAT, was a challenge! ;)

Gratitude, Hope and Smile are meant to be shared,