Friday, June 22, 2012

Welcome Summer!

Officially Summer has arrived! The heat, the sun, bbqs, patio evenings and early morning market visits. Long live the folks complaining about the intense heat and humidity, you make my heart sing. As long as you have something to complain about I have something to enjoy!  I realise this is what I must sound like from November through April, so I sympathize with your discomfort. Let's just call it even.

I love that the sun gets up as early as I do in these months and goes down at bedtime as though it too is trying to enjoy every once of it's shining time. Also, the fact that my kids now go to bed with the sun instead of while it is blazing high in the sky has diminished some of the bedtime angst that always made me cringe.

The kids are preparing for the last days of school. E is marking 'X's on the calendar in black pen and counting down the days that remain. Lula is already done for the year and is intent on making the very most of summer, grade 12 awaits on the other end of August and she knows it's going to be an intense year of study to ensure the future she wants. KJ knows it too. even though she has 3 years to go. Exams are still looming for her and she is studying intently, music and pots of tea keeping her fuelled through her late nights.

Mike is enjoying bike rides when he can fit them in and fixing up the bike in between adventures. He has a longish road trip planned for late July and I can see the spark of anticipation.

The anticipation for me is this; it is the 10 days lakeside in August when life is about nothing more than enjoyment. It is the day trips to the beach and a Saturday night at the drive-in movies. I am excited for our farm visits and festival adventures. I have plans whirling in my head for my Fridays off and my afternoons free. I am looking forward to writing, sketching and reading, road trips, bbqs summer birthdays, camping trips and lazy porch days with tall glasses of sparkling water and citrus.

I asked the kids to make lists this year of all the things they want to accomplish, see and do this summer. It will help us grown-up people choose activities and adventures. They asked in return what was on my list.

I have one item; don't miss a moment of it!

Gratitude is a bathing suit, a milkshake from Willies, a mile long hike, the open road to unplanned adventure and the laughter of family dancing across the water.

Enjoy your first official summer weekend, make the very most of it!