Thursday, June 28, 2012

That's Where it Went!

Oh how I love the final days of school, each day the embodiment of what children envision what school should be like everyday throughout the year. The field trips and picnics, assemblies,, fun, fun. There are treasures in store for Moms too! The purchasing of the teacher's gift the light at the end of the lunchbox tunnel, even if just temporary is delightful. I especially enjoy the leisure with which my days will begin over the next two months, extra coffee, no nagging. Yes the final days of June are a treasure for all.

Treasures are coming home too! All of things I've been scratching my head over the past 9 months are making a magical appearance. Last week KJ's shoe wardrobe grew by two pair. The space in my cutlery drawer where the spoons belong is filled to over flowing with old spoons, new spoons and I think spoons that belong in somebody else's drawer. The Tupperware, plastic graveyard is being resurrected with an influx of matching containers and lids. The garbage is also receiving it's fair share. I will wash cookie or cracker crumbs, the mold that breeds on six month old fruit cocktail juice...not so much. We lost a few good travel mugs to science this year thanks to the high school coffee, tea, cocoa drinking contingent.

Perhaps my favourite thing to find it's way back home are the pieces of clothing. The 'I have to have it' sweaters, the 'where are your gym clothes?' shorts and t-shirts. I even got back a few 'where the heck are your socks going?' socks and a jacket that smells like locker and unfinished homework mixed with the stench of fuzz covered travel mugs. This week I found out just how many hats were in E's 'where is your hat?' rotation from November thru April...Seven! Seven hats that floated in and out of our front door and eventually settled one at a time into the bottom of a cubby at school.

There is still one day of school left this year. I can't wait to see what comes home ...maybe the gloves, missing mittens and the mysterious missing snow pants. I can only hope!

gratitude is being spared the shopping trip to replace it all!

Gratitude, Hope and Smiles are meant to be shared,