Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stupid is My New Smart

Some days we fall victim to our own stupidity. Today was my day for it. We started out strong this morning. E had his first ever inter-school track meet, he was pumped. I was so excited to be going as well! I arranged to take the morning off of work to be there and cheer him on. In the grand scheme of parental volunteering in school, on field trips and on parent council E got the short end of the stick. Mom went back to work after he started school, with his sisters I got to do it all. That is a Stay at Home Mom perk!

In an effort to make up for the 30 minutes earlier I needed to get out of the house I opted to skip my workout. It is the only truly transplantable activity from our morning routine. I don't like to move it and only do it if I absolutely have to. This morning I had to but it was okay, I had a free evening to squeeze it into.

Off to University Stadium we went. E by bus, Mom by van. I arrived first and staked myself a spot in the stands. Before E arrived I made the connection that I had only plastered him with sunscreen. I take much better care of my kids than I do myself. A football field on the hottest day of the year is ideal for that first really good burn of the year. My skin is now about the same colour as E's first place ribbons in 60 metre and 400 metre relay. A prouder (more burnt mother) you will not find.

Track ended just after lunch, which I did not pack for myself. I said good bye to E and headed to the office. The only thing between point A and point B resembling food was a McDonald's grilled chicken wrap and a vat of ice tea in a lame attempt to revive my dehydrating cells.

About 2 hours into my desk I remembered that I had an appointment to donate blood. This sudden knowledge cancelled any plans I had transplanted to workout in the evening, making today my 'off day'.

In the blood donation clinic when they said left arm or right I said "doesn't matter." why do I say this in an effort to be agreeable I forget that it does matter. I thought to myself last time that my left arm is perhaps over used for the purpose of blood giving, switch it up I thought...but I said "doesn't matter". Clearly it mattered a lot because right now I can't move my left arm.

Stupidity after stupidity today. I got sunburned, scheduled my self right out of a workout, ate food for lunch that left me reeling in abdominal turmoil and fraught with the knowledge that I could not even work off the empty calories. I gave blood on a day that was destined to leave my snooker tired without being down a pint.

I have fallen victim to all of my own stupidity today. It has landed me in my current position... On the porch, in my lounge chair typing with 1 1/2 hands (the left one really isn't working so hot) about the amazingness of my son I got to watch today, with a horse throat from cheer leading, unable to fold laundry or vacuum, whipped tired and ready for a good night sleep the minute I  Mike gets the kids to bed.

and thinking...I should do 'stupid' more often.

Gratitude today for my lack of thinking.

Gratitude, Hope & Smiles are meant to be shared,