Thursday, June 14, 2012

Reminders from God...

There are rewards for parenting, for maintaining patience, tenacity and strength, for sharing compassion, wisdom and love. Rewards beyond the satisfaction of making it through another day, witnessing great accomplishment or acts of human kindness in your children. Those moments are rewarding to be sure but are largely self generated. You get out of it, what you put in to it. That is the beauty of parenthood, your commitment to the project is mirrored in the person you send out into the world each day. Perhaps that is why we struggle so hard to get it right. We know we are not making a difference today but that today's decisions have the power to make a difference tomorrow and the next day and all the days that follow. The job is molding human beings who will either take what the world has to offer or give of themselves to make it a better place. That's a tough job.

We get wrapped up in the seriousness of it so much sometimes that we forget to laugh. We forget and out of the blue something fabulous happens. Something like the breaker blowing on the circuit that controls the bathroom outlets. There are no words that capture the horror in a teenage girl's voice when she thinks a beauty appliance has died. With a tripped breaker they are all dead. That is a show worth popcorn and goobers!

Gratitude today to God for his cleaver sense of humor. For reminding me to laugh. That joke is not going to be nearly as funny if it happens again today but yesterday it was brilliant. Thanks you!

Grateful Thursday...share your gratitude with the outside world... post, comment or tweet...lets share our reasons to smile!