Thursday, June 28, 2012

Random Acts and Gratitude

This week I was the victim of a "Random Act of Flowering" okay, victim doesn't fit...I was the delighted and surprised recipient.

The bouquet is gorgeous, it smells intoxicating and made my family giddy with the secrecy of it all. Out of the ordinary usually ignites that response in them.

It took a very out of the ordinary person to pull it off. After a little search and deduction I had a sneaking suspicion who the flower and run angel was....

Pam of Flourish Florals thank you so much for my 'Little Bouquet of Sunshine Between the Raindrops' ...You have just proven that smiles are meant to be shared and that the day you change might not be your own.

Thank you for changing my day :)

Thursday...your turn @ the table! What are you Grateful for today?

Gratitude, hope and smiles are meant to be shared