Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Choose Your 'Tude

The difference between a morning person and someone who is not, is usually a cup of coffee and a smile. So I figure when somebody arrives to the restaurant for their morning coffee the least I can do if offer them the smile too. I see the same string of regulars day in and day out. I know what they order, how they pay, where they work and what time they need to be there. I know some by name but I remember all of them by their attitude.

:D  There are the "Always On" people. This group knows that their attitude has a direct effect on how the day will turn out. They know the power of brightening someone elses day. I love these people, they are my favourite group, they just seem to get that every person wakes to their own set of challenges and hardships. We are all equal in this regard, the best we can do is sing in the lifeboats.

:)  Then there is the "Pleasant Set" Just as the name implies these folks are pleasant bordering on cheerful. They return your smile, use their manners and comment on the weather. They get that they might be having a difficult time but there's not much sense in taking other people down with them. I appreciate these people. "A" for effort (yes it is "A"... the debate rages on "A" or "E" but I maintain that I never wanted a mark lower than "A"...my post - I win.)

: I Group Three consists of "The Inhabitants" These people are resigned to sharing their existence with the general public. They grin or nod acknowledgement and always have exact change. These people can be cracked if you make a big enough fuss over them. I always think there is hope for this group. I believe that if I can offer them a cheerful start to their day I might just infect them and they could spread a smile to someone else.

:( Next is the "Challenge Group" a small percentage of the population who would rather be anywhere but where they are. There are no smiles among these people. They have exact change and expect that you should know what they want just by looking at them. They know what manners are but don't really feel the need to exercise them. These people need to know that despite their objections the world is full of humans who genuinely want people to be happy. These are the people I am determined to wear down. My challenge people. Some take weeks of kind words and friendly inquiry and heaps of politeness to bring around their thinking. Some take months. I've been working on one guy for almost a year, but we're getting there.

>:( Lastly comes the "Challenged Group." This is the only group of people you can actually make angrier with a smile. I've not decided what makes these people tick. I can only imagine what horrors they have endured that compel them to degrade, berate, belittle and abuse their fellow human beings. This is the group you will never change. Much like my unwatered house plants; they are beyond hope. Regardless, they deserve unwavering pleasantness and the most gracious of service. If I can't improve their humor for the day I can at least improve my own. I roll inside with laughter as these people reach maximum aggravation.

If you answer "I hope my %$#@ coffee's right this morning for &^%# sakes"
"You bet...double, double...I made it myself, Have a great day." well you can almost hear a that vein burst in the silence of your response.

I change my mind "The Challenged Group" are my favourite.

Spend some moment everyday in reflection of gratitude and happiness. Even if the time found is standing in line for coffee...use is wisely.


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