Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Journey Begins With a Single Toothbrush

Our home is filled with oddity. We've talked before about each room being the equivalent of a "what's wrong with this picture" page. If you've missed our talks check out The Doctor's Waiting Room Has Nothing on Me you'll understand what I'm talking about.

I've reached a point where I am no longer shocked by oddity. Things being out of place really is the norm. 2 weeks ago KJ's graduation picture hung upside down on the wall for 3 days because that's how she put it in the frame. Last week I finally had E-man move his hockey bag from under the dinning room table (hockey season is over.) Very little, stops me in my tracks.

This did however...

I reached for my toothbrush only to find this message elasticised to the handle. "This is the Beginning of an Incredible Journey" Clearly I have become the victim of my own love of littering our home with words. One of my children is either fed up with the practice or really understands my passion.

My powers of motherly deduction led me to determine the culprit. KJ...cleaver, crafty and in charge of cleaning my (I mean 'our') bathroom this week. I was only slightly surprised to learn that the origin of the 'toothbrush label' was the garment tag from KJ's newly acquired bra. How on earth this sentiment relates to a brazier is beyond my comprehension. (ok, perhaps I can conjure up a scenario or two but none that would be remotely acceptable for my 13 year old daughter!)

Regardless of where the sentiment came from or how it came to be attached to my toothbrush, it does get me thinking... This really is the beginning of an incredible journey. Everyday is the opportunity to begin a new adventure. You get up, "shit, shower, shave" (as my dad is fond of saying) and you brush your teeth. You've got all the necessities out of the way. It's a question of what you are going to do after you brush, what choices will you guide your day with? What path will you take? How do you feel about the journey that lays ahead?

If it had been the receipt for the bra or the price tag attached to my toothbrush I would have sighed in exasperation, removed it, chucked it and moved for the toothpaste. I like the message on my toothbrush though, so I left it there. It gives me a chuckle 3 times a day at the clever humor of my youngest daughter. It also gives my a cause for reflection. Automatically now I'm not thinking about up..down..20 times left..20 times right. No, I'm thinking about the step I'm taking after I put that toothbrush away.

Gratitude today for KJ's little prank that was actually an act of wisdom beyond her years.

Spend some moment everyday in reflection of gratitude and happiness. Even if the time found is standing in line for coffee...use is wisely.


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