Saturday, April 30, 2011

We All Get a Little Bit of Princess

The kiss (PA)
The Kiss
(photo credits to MSN UK Life & Style site)

I did it. I wasn't going to, it wasn't the plan. I remember waking up at 3 am when Charles & Diana got married and I decided that reruns were just as effective, sleep is precious. As it turns out, I woke up at 4:30am, mostly because some subconscious switch flipped, reminding me that the phone bill and the car insurance needed paying. (for the record I strongly dislike the internal budget clock) Regardless of the why, the fact remained that I was up.

When in Rome...
... join the throngs of couch bound spectators in pyjamas living vicariously through HD and the British Monarchy. Of course I was glad that I didn't miss it. I felt united, I had something in common with the rest of the common folk. My favourite moment was when Prince Harry snuck a peak at Kate coming down the aisle, he turned back to William and whispered "wait until you see her" (there have been other interpretations but this is what I lip-read and the phrase that I like best) The moment was genuine, unscripted,
un-choreographed, something you might see in real life.

At that very moment I felt sorry for Kate &William. They won't house hunt for a fixer upper. I'm pretty sure they won't dine on Kraft diner by candlelight during the lean years or run out of milk. They won't paint the nursery or nip out to the 24 hour grocery at midnight when a pregnancy craving hits. No breaking down on the side of the highway, no past due notices, no layoffs, no leaky roofs, no shortage of clean underwear, no missing the garbage truck. I could go on and on. So much of what I value about my own life, marriage and family is built upon these moments. Some of my fondest memories evolved through making due, making the best of a situation, making plans and making a life. This poor couple who have it all will be denied the best.

At that very moment, I thought how lucky we are, myself and other commoner girls just like me. We get all the mundane, clogged toilets, missing socks, carpools, burnt thanksgiving turkeys, laundry stains, 3am feedings, grout cleaning, tuna casserole Mondays, waiting for tables, getting lost, and creatively reinventing the same little black dress over and over again.

We also get little tastes of Princesshood. I married my prince. My children expect to be waited on hand and foot and their adorable faces are featured on currency. My parents use words like matriarch and and I know a scandal or two has taken place within "the family." This week I received flowers and accolades, I stopped for gas and had my windows washed for me, The Prime Minister's office called for my opinion, people cooked for me, I wore high heels and I slept in. I get the best of both worlds.

(Granted, the flowers and accolades were from my boss in recognition of Secretaries Day. The window washer was my 9 year old E-man and I could see better out the windows before his efforts. We are a week from election and everybody's office is calling. Dinner was spaghetti. The shoes are black and go with every outfit I wear and I made it to work just on time).

I've heard a lot of "I wish I were a Princess" in the last 24 hours. I might be strange but truthfully I like the privilege of purchasing my own toilet paper it affords me the luxury of living my life un-choreographed.

Gratitude today that my prince is not in the public eye. Gratitude that when people in our house say 'next in line for the throne' they mean the bathroom is free and that when I get flowers it's a personal expression not protocol.

Gratitude that my life is filled with moments like Prince Harry speaking to William's heart...unscripted

Spend some moment everyday in reflection of gratitude and happiness. Even if the time found is standing in line for coffee...use is wisely.


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