Friday, April 8, 2011

Super Mario's Got Nothing on Me





Completely unfair I know, to chose a video game legend as a basis of comparison. It has been a long week however, my self esteem could use a boost, hence the opponent of questionable strength.

I'm still a little sceptical, that I'll come out on top, but I'm game for the challenge... so lets compare.

MARIO:  He walks, runs, climbs, rides a yoshi, swims, spins down drainpipes. All cool moves to get him where he needs to go.

ME:  I walk, run, climb as required, swim if necessary, I also drive...that means I can get there faster and less dizzy. I win.

MARIO:  He has the amazing ability to change size. He can go from small to big to large and back again.

ME:  I have the same amazing ability, however I do not need to consume magic mushrooms or get stomped on by turtles to make it happen. I win.

MARIO:  He has Luigi. Luigi follows him around, helps out occasionally, eats his mushrooms and lets Mario be the hero.

ME:  I have Michael. Michael follows my around, eats mushrooms if I cook them and lets me be the hero. He also does laundry and pays half the bills. I win.

MARIO:  He faces seemingly insurmountable challenges in varying worlds

ME:  I conquer seemingly insurmountable challenges in varying worlds but I get paid to do it. I win.

MARIO: He gets to go back to the beginning and try again when he screws up.

ME:  I have to travel back the way I came, through the mess left in my wake to get back to the beginning where I will try again. Mario only gets 3 tries. I can keep going back until I get it right. I win.

MARIO:  He can entertain my husband and children for hours.

ME: I can entertain my husband and children for hours. I can also drive them to the mall, wash their clothes and cook them food. I win.

6 for 6.  to  ME!!!

Clearly I have an edge over the plumber in blue. I've proven without doubt that Mario got nothing on Me.

One area still leaves me perplexed however. Even with my unquestionable edge over Mario and my super ability to multitask. (Never question my ability to Multitask...I promise you, I can text a teenager, mentally balance the bank account and call in a doctors appointment all while scrapping unidentifiable gunk from the groove in the edge of the table. Show me a mother who can't)

Why even with all this going for me can I not last 3 minutes in his world? 

This is why my kids are grateful they have dad around for player 2.

Spend some moment everyday in reflection of gratitude and happiness. Even if the time found is standing in line for coffee...use is wisely.


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