Monday, April 11, 2011

My Day of Greatest Gratitude

Today Michael and I celebrate 19 years of being married. This is the day I celebrate my greatest gratitude. I was blessed with Michael. We talked last night about how the word "blessed" is not a word we use very often, in today's world, we use the word lucky. Michael says that luck is for horseshoes and the lottery. We have nothing short of a blessing. Luck does not bring you blessings and we have indeed been blessed. Blessed with 3 beautiful, amazing children, a comfortable life, health, love and happiness.

So today marks the root blessing from which all other blessed things in our life grew. That's pretty special in my book and well worth my greatest gratitude.

Happy Anniversary Michael with love.

yes, that's a french fry behind my head. I didn't say the last 19 years have been dull! LOL